GEMS Education Worldwide

GEMS World Academy Switzerland (GWAS) is part of a wide family-run network of GEMS international schools that educate students in over 14 countries in Europe, Africa, North America, Asia and the Middle East.

The schools share best practices among themselves, helping enrich each school with skills and techniques from different cultures.

GWAS is one of only five schools in the GEMS network to have the premium “World Academy” status. You can consult the full list of GEMS schools here.

Core values

The core values of GEMS have remained the same since 1959, when founders KS Varkey and his wife Mariama arrived in Dubai from India – and saw a real need to provide education for children arriving in a new city from all over the world.

Today, the GEMS Education Core Values form the collective beliefs within GWAS and at all GEMS schools worldwide. They set the standard that we expect from all GEMS Education people – from employees and teachers to parents and students.

Our Core Values also lie at the heart of our holistic approach to education – in our planned curriculum, in school life and other places of work. GEMS Core Values help our learners become not just great students but great people.

Core values

1. Growing by Learning: Strive to develop your potential

  • Along with our students, we never stop learning.
  • Each and every one of us has a capacity for leadership.

2. Pursuing Excellence: Work to continually exceed expectations

  • Just as we set educational standards for our schools, we take care that everything we do is delivered to a high standard.
  • We go the extra mile for our students and our colleagues.

3. Leading through Innovation: Find the courage to challenge convention

  • We dare to dream of the possibilities.
  • No idea is too small or too large if it makes things better for our learners and our people.

4. Global Citizenship: Making an active contribution to the local and global community

  • We respect and celebrate our diversity and recognize that many things unite us all.
  • We make a difference in our local communities so that we have a sustainable planet to share
  • We build bridges of knowledge, push boundaries and unite young people.
  • We aim to produce not just great students, but great people who live with honesty, confidence and integrity.

Did You Know?

GEMS Education was founded by a married teaching couple in Dubai in 1959 and it is the largest privately-owned provider of education in the world with a globally-recognised network of international schools.

Ciara C.

Girl riding horseCiara C
After spending my whole education in the UK state system, coming to GEMS was an eye-opening experience. The IBDP is a program that invokes thought and personal opinion. I know that the skills I learn at GEMS, such as essay writing, thinking outside of the box and independent learning, will be applicable for the rest of my life.