School Uniform

At GEMS World Academy Switzerland, we believe our school uniform provides students with an opportunity to build self-respect and understand both formal and informal social experiences, while also contributing to a sense of equality.

Up until the end of the MYP (Grade 10), all students must wear the GWAS school uniform.

Download the school uniform policy and guidelines for Pre-K to Grade 10 (pdf)

For DP students, we provide a dress code.

Download the school uniform policy and guidelines for DP students (pdf)

Family F.

I like that there is a uniform. Students are representing the school when in uniform, it identifies them as a member of this community, giving them a sense of belonging. I think our children are proud to be GEMS students! The uniform is also a social leveller, there is no peer-pressure about expensive brands, and no judgements and bullying about fashion choices and not wearing the socially acceptable thing. I appreciate that children don't have to worry about what outfit to put together in the morning. It saves them time and possible anxiety.