The Varkey Foundation

As part of our holistic approach to education, we encourage our students to develop a social conscience by helping them take part in charitable activities both in the local community and the wider world. Locally, that includes working with L’Espérance, a centre for disabled children and adults in Etoy, reading with Kindergarten children, and working with the Oasis des Vétérans centre for abandoned animals.

But above and beyond that, we are proud to support the Varkey Foundation, our chosen charitable partner. This not-for-profit organisation is committed to improving the standards of education for underprivileged children everywhere through projects including:

  • Training teachers in Uganda
  • Building the capacity of teachers in Kenya and Lesotho to teach science, technology and mathematics to girls and women
  • Educating students in Ghana via the country’s first interactive distance-learning project
  • Rebuilding a school in the Kenyan slum of Kibera
  • Providing clean water in 25 Tanzanian schools with Dubai Cares and Oxfam
  • Establishing ten low cost science centres in India with Pratham
  • Rebuilding ten schools in Pakistan with Dubai Cares and Oxfam
  • Providing school meals to improve access to education in India
  • Supporting the UNICEF Schools for Asia programme in Philippines, Papua New Guinea, India, Nepal and Vietnam

We believe that, by taking part in these projects, our students develop a better understanding of global development issues and the impact they can have in our world.

Our hope is that, for every child enrolled at a GEMS school, we’ll change the lives of 100 underprivileged children for the better.

To find out more about our work with local charities, please contact us.

Creativity, Activity, Service - CAS

Learn, aspire, be’ says the GEMS World Academy motto. What an exciting goal for each and every student of our school. We are striving to educate inspired and inspiring individuals. Service does this through collaboration and selfless action.
As part of the CAS programme, students are involved in many activities, supporting organisations and causes, such as:

  • The Dragon Boat festival
  • Oasis des Vétérans
  • School garden
  • Baking for the elderly at Le Pacific
  • Car wash to sponsor Kenya CAS trip
  • Meeting a blind athlete and experiencing sports blind
  • Fashion show in support of indigenous groups in Mexico

Service Day has become a tradition at GEMS World Academy. Students learned how to collectively make a positive difference for the world while collaborating with a range of local and international organisations. This year, for the first time, students organised by homerooms their own service experiences which included various fundraising actions, visits of charities and awareness campaigns. It is a truly inspirational day!

Did You Know?

The Varkey Foundation's annual Global Teacher Award with a $1 million prize was won this year by Andria Zafirakou from the United Kingdom.


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