Parental Engagement

Few things illustrate the GWAS difference better than our belief that parents should be at the heart of our school as much as their children.

We actively encourage parents to be part of their child’s daily learning and the school community at large.

As we are constantly welcoming new students and their parents, we have a dedicated Parent Relations Executive who helps ensure the development of a strong and active parent community as the central pillar of the school’s culture, provides high quality customer service to new and existing parents and promotes the school to relevant stakeholders.

Take an active role in your child's education

Research* has shown that the single biggest reason a child does well at school is parental support. By taking a real, active and consistent interest in their child’s education at home, parents can add the equivalent of two to three years of additional educational benefit over the course of their child’s school career.

This is why we’ve created a ‘parent partnership’ model at GEMS World Academy Switzerland, designed to help you enrich your child’s education– while allowing you to get more out of the experience as well.

Regular communication lies at the heart of our partnership approach. We keep all parents fully updated about the progress of their child with written reports and a programme of consultation evenings. We also strive to offer you the resources and guidance you need to support your child’s learning.

And because we think parents should have access to the Head of School and teaching staff, you are always welcome to contact the school and talk to any member of the teaching team about your child’s progress.

Get involved in school life

One of the key points of difference at GEMS is that we actively encourage parents to get involved in every aspect of school life. From helping contribute to the smooth running of events to planting new trees on our campus, there’s always a rewarding way you can work with your child to improve the school environment and develop a sense of community between teachers, parents and children.

Become part of our parents’ community

Moving to a new school (and sometimes a new country) can be challenging for the whole family. Which is why we do everything we can to make parents feel at home.

We have a friendly, active Parent Group, called the GEMS Parent Group or GPG, that organises regular social activities and always welcomes new members.

Furthermore, parents are welcome to use our outstanding sports facilities or learn a new language in our World Language Learning Centre. You are also welcome to stay on for a coffee in the morning or come back to share lunch with your children in our restaurant.

So, whether you are moving from the other side of the world or changing schools locally, you’ll have a ready-made community of parents and new friends to welcome you.

For more information about any of our parental programmes, please contact us.

* A New Wave of Evidence, Southwest Educational Development Laboratory, 2002

Did You Know?

We have a Parent Relations Executive to facilitate parental engagement with every aspect of school life.

Family G.

I like the strong sense of community, embracing parents, students and staff. The range of activities they offer to parents – e.g. exercise classes, social events, parent-run French and German conversation groups, access to the gym and swimming pool. The leadership team are receptive and listen to parental concerns.

Family McMinn

Family McMinn

The school’s unique selling point was that engagement with subject teachers was encouraged and made possible throughout the year, not restricted to five minutes at rapid-fire parent-teacher conferences.

World Language Learning Centre

Whether you are a Swiss resident or you are moving here from overseas, you’ll know that speaking another language means much more than just getting along in a different country or with different nationalities.