Food & Nutrition

Napoleon believed ‘an army marches on its stomach’, which is why we put such an emphasis on high quality, delicious food to provide the energy that drives our students.

And because we’re keen to give our school a real community atmosphere, we encourage parents and visiting relatives – even teachers' families – to come and share lunch with us.

Fresh market produce

Our school restaurant is run by Eldora, the region’s catering leaders. Their philosophy is to consistently deliver a healthy, balanced and varied seasonal menu. So, not only does the food taste great; it is also sustainable and locally-sourced.

Choice and variety

Lunch every day is made up of a multi-choice salad bar, two hot and healthy main courses including a vegetarian option, bread, multiple dessert options, fruit and yoghurts. A selection of drinks, including fruit juices and water, is available. We celebrate special holidays such as Thanksgiving and St Patrick’s Day as well as different countries and cultures with themed meals. For children in Pre-K to Grade 1, the lunch plan also includes a morning snack.

Special diets

We are a nut-free facility and can cater to students with other allergies and food intolerances. Please let us know if you have any specific food requirements.

Students can sign up for the lunch plan on a yearly basis. Payment is made for the defined period and invoiced three times per year. For more information on costs, please check our fees page.

Current family

I love coming to school because the food is so good.

Current family

All the kids are friendly and the restaurant has the BEST food.