Swiss Mathematics Conference 2018

Swiss Mathematics Conference 2018

Friday February 16th 2018

For many years, member schools of the Swiss Group of International Schools (SGIS) have hosted an annual conference focusing on discussing mathematics pedagogy in secondary education. The Swiss Mathematics Conference 2018 (#PlusMathsConf) is no different in that respect, although we have decided to open up the conference to those outside of the SGIS this year. The sole reason for this is to enrich the conference with even more enthusiasm and ideas on improving mathagogy.

Whether you’re based in Switzerland, or any other country close by, we hope that you are able to join us. If you are off for February half-term at this time, Switzerland is the perfect destination to enjoy skiing and chocolat chaud, and what better way to end it than adding in a bit of maths! #PlusMathsConf

Who are the main workshop leaders?

Kris Boulton

Kristopher joined the teaching profession through the Teach First programme, and previously worked at King Solomon Academy, a school founded entirely by Teach First alumni that went on to achieve the top results in the UK, while serving the most economically deprived ward in London. Since then he has been a director at Teach First, recruiting and training 200 new teacher educators as part of its innovative PGDE programme, and is currently Director of Education at Up Learn, an organisation committed to creating and providing the world’s most effective learning experience, accessible to all.

Students learn best in mathematics when we take responsibility for their empowerment and success. We do this by dedicating ourselves to the study of human learning and instructional theory, which recommends we take great care to manage cognitive load, practice logically faultless communication, and develop memory storage strength.

Andrew Blair

Andrew Blair has been a head of maths in four very different UK secondary schools over the last 20 years. He currently leads a department in a comprehensive school in inner London. During those years, Andrew has been developing a model of teaching called Inquiry Maths, which promotes student regulation of the learning process. He set up the website to generate discussion about inquiry learning in mathematics classrooms. The site now has contributors from around the globe. Andrew regularly runs workshops on Inquiry Maths at conferences of maths teachers and for trainee teachers.

Students learn best in mathematics when they follow pathways of inquiry by questioning, noticing, conjecturing, generalising, explaining and proving.

Questions answered….

How will the day be scheduled?

Download the schedule

Sign up to workshops

How much is a ticket for the conference?

Early Bird Cost (register pre-November 30th): CHF 75.-

Standard Cost (register between November 30th to February 9th): CHF 100.-

We cannot guarantee places for attendees after February 9th.

*Cost includes lunch which will have vegetarian and gluten-free options.

How do I register for the conference?

Link to Online RSVP Form

Please note:

  • A second form will be sent out at a later date in order for you to choose the specific workshops you would like to attend.
  • If you are unable to access the form because you do not have a google account, please fill in this form and send it back to Dan Pearcy,

Who do I contact for extra information?

Contact: Dan Pearcy [IBDP Coordinator and Head of Mathematics]

Contact email:

Contact Telephone: +41 (0) 21 964 18 18

How do I get to the conference?

In Switzerland:

We recommend train travel to Etoy train station as this is only 200 metres away from the school campus.

Swiss Maths Conference Etoy

From Geneva direction by car:

Take Exit 14-Aubonne from the A1

Swiss Maths Conference Geneva

From Lausanne direction by car:

Take Exit 14-Aubonne from the A1

Swiss Maths Conference Lausanne

Outside of Switzerland:

We would recommend Easyjet flights from most European cities into Geneva airport as a quick and affordable option.

From Geneva airport, you can catch the train to Etoy train station which is 200 metres away from the school campus. Please be aware that this is unlikely to be a direct journey and will require at least one change over.

Where can I stay?

We would recommend staying in a hotel with ease of access to the conference. This could be in Etoy village (at Auberge chez Yann has 10 rooms) if you’d like to be able to walk to the conference.

Alternatively, the train link to Etoy train station is direct from Morges (a medium-sized town based on the border of Lake Geneva) or Lausanne (a beautiful and buzzing city with a high variety of shopping and restaurant options). We’d advise using as early as possible for specific recommendations in Morges or Lausanne.

Contact details


Phone: +41 (0) 21 964 18 18

Meet Dan Pearcy

Girl riding horseDan Pearcy


Diploma Programme (DP) Coordinator, Head of Mathematics


United Kingdom


Honours Degree in Mathematics, Master’s Degree in Education

Daniel wholeheartedly believes that educators must equip students with the tools they will need in an ever-changing world that demands more than just a set of facts; rather than exclusively learning what to think, they need to learn how to think.