Why Choose the IB?

The International Baccalaureate (IB) offers a unique approach to education that goes beyond academic success.

It helps students to be more open-minded, independent and inquisitive. It encourages them to think creatively and challenge ideas – and it enables them to be more analytical and confident in the way they learn.

At GEMS World Academy Switzerland (GWAS), we believe this approach offers students the perfect grounding to become well-rounded, successful global citizens who excel academically and make their own way in life.

There are many reasons to choose an IB education. Here are some of the key arguments for studying the IB with us:

1. Children develop a love of learning

With the IB, students are taught how to learn, rather than simply told what to learn. At GWAS, our teachers encourage students to ask questions, think critically and debate answers. This “inquiry-based” approach makes them more analytical, confident and imaginative, inspiring students to learn independently and embrace responsibility. Learning becomes a central part of children’s lives – and they learn to love learning in all its forms.

2. Students develop a wider range of skills

The IB helps students develop skills and interests that go beyond a traditional school education. Our vision of education is much wider, encompassing social, emotional and physical wellbeing. We focus on encouraging collaboration, communication, risk-taking and reflection, helping children to become more balanced and open-minded individuals. Thanks to this holistic approach, students acquire the skills they need to be more creative and successful in their studies, their life and their future professions.

3. Education is built around the child

At the heart of the IB is its focus on the student. Instead of imposing a pre-defined education on children, it tailors learning to the individual. At GWAS, our aim is to create opportunities for students to think freely and explore their own identity, while continuously giving them the support they need. This ties in with GEMS’s founding notion that school should not be a mould but a place where the uniqueness of each child is nurtured.

4. The IB prepares students for real-world challenges

By equipping students with a wide range of skills and instilling in them a love of learning, the IB gives students a significant advantage in today’s ever-changing world. As lifelong learners, they are self-motivated to set challenging goals and pursue them with success. As compassionate individuals, they respect the cultures, traditions and differences of others – and, as pragmatic thinkers, they are flexible and open to change. We believe an IB education is the perfect preparation for living in today’s multicultural, inter-connected, global world.

5. Academic success follows

While an IB education helps students thrive beyond the classroom, it simultaneously allows them to excel academically. By using their wider skillset, children are able to learn more efficiently and independently. At GEMS, our IB students are more likely to enrol at top universities, and we feel confident they leave the school as more rounded, more confident individuals than they would through any other educational approach.

Did You Know?

The IB is a Swiss registered non-profit foundation that was created in 1968 to offer a globally consistent curriculum of unique academic rigour, while also emphasising students’ personal development. The aim is to develop inquiring, knowledgeable, motivated and caring young citizens of the world.

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Girl riding horseMcMinn
GEMS’ unique selling point was that it offered PYP and MYP as preparation for the DP and engagement with subject teachers was encouraged and made possible throughout the year.

Family Chauvineau

The IB programme is a fundamentally different way of learning that can be seen right the way through the school. I also like the fact that the children are encouraged to think out of the box, to discuss issues from a global perspective - which means they’re very prepared for a global life.