Our Programmes

At GEMS World Academy Switzerland, our goal is to nurture the uniqueness in every child and allow them to express their individual talent.

At the heart of this approach is the International Baccalaureate (IB), an educational programme that encourages students to form their own opinions, think in new ways and explore subject areas with an open and inquiring mind. We believe it offers children the perfect preparation for both academic excellence and the challenges of modern life.

Our school was founded in Etoy in 2013 and is the only school between Geneva and Lausanne to offer all three IB programmes to children aged 3 to 18. Each programme is taught in English, with French as a second language and German or Spanish as a third language from age 11.

As well as focusing on academic success, our IB programmes offer diverse extra-curricular opportunities thanks to our state-of-the-art sports facilities, our TV and radio studios, our World Language Centre and our Music Academy, as well as our community partners. We also attach great importance to student wellbeing, a mission overseen by our own Director of Wellbeing.

The 3 IB Programmes

By offering all three IB programmes from ages 3 to 18, we ensure students benefit from a consistent approach to learning. This means they enjoy a smoother transition between primary and secondary school and, by the time they arrive at the Diploma Programme, they are familiar with the values of the IB programme and understand how to get the most from it.

More about the Educational Journey

Primary Years Programme (PYP)

●Ages 3 to 11

●Focuses on the development of the whole child in the classroom and in the world outside

Middle Years Programme (MYP)

●Ages 11 to 16

●Provides a framework for developing academic and life skills by embracing and transcending traditional school subjects

Diploma Programme (IBDP)

●Ages 16 to 18

●A demanding, two-year curriculum that unlocks students’ full academic potential and leads to a diploma prized by the top universities.

Did You Know?

More than 5,000 schools now offer IB programmes, with over 70,000 educators teaching more than one million students worldwide.

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Family Chauvineau

I like the fact that the children learn, rather than being taught. It’s a subtle difference. For example, in a maths class, rather than looking at angles in a textbook they’ll go outside and take pictures of angles on buildings and houses.

World Language Learning Centre

Whether you are a Swiss resident or you are moving here from overseas, you’ll know that speaking another language means much more than just getting along in a different country or with different nationalities.