Visual Arts


In PYP Visual Arts, students take the lead in pursuing their potential as artists. Each year, they experience media such as drawing, collage, textile arts, painting, print-making, and building sculptures. Exposure to art theory and history provides essential information and inspiration in a class set-up that permits as much independent student work time as possible. Students are encouraged to practice their technical skills while exploring to discover the potential of each media. Some of the skills we practice and value in PYP Visual Arts are flexible thinking, a sense of initiative, perseverance, and the courage to be innovative. These are important skills that serve students well beyond the art room.

Art Primary

Arts Secondary


Visual Arts is offered both in MYP and DP levels at GEMS. The Visual Arts programme offers ceramics, printmaking, drawing, painting and sculpture units, to allow students to develop a wide range of technical skills. Students learn to examine and critique artworks to understand their role and effect on society. Units of study are guided by examination of how artists have used representation, transformation, juxtaposition, propaganda and subversion to shape and communicate their ideas.

We believe that media literacy and critical analysis are the foundation for creative practice. Students are encouraged to view their creative work as a vehicle for impacting the world around them. By exploring a wide range of art making techniques and fostering creative independence, students are equipped to represent their ideas using visual language.

Students have access to ceramics equipment, a printing press, laser cutter, silkscreen studio and high end technology equipment. We invite you to come and view student works in our school Gallery and Lobby areas.