School Fees

Flexible Options for Pre-K

Are you interested in a part-time 50% Pre-K programme for your child(ren)? Pre-K students can now come in for morning class only. Another option is to join Pre-K at 80%, with Wednesdays off, and all of the other weekdays at 100%. For more information, please contact the registrar by email or by phone +41 (0) 21 964 18 18.


You may also want to read more about our scholarships. If you have a specific query that is not answered on these pages, please don’t hesitate to get in touch and we’ll answer in person.

You’ll find detailed information about our fees and how to pay them on this page.

Admissions Fee

A single non-refundable payment of CHF 3,500 is required upon acceptance and confirmation of your child’s place at our school in order to guarantee their place. At present, this admissions fee is deducted from the first year tuition fees only for children joining from another school in the Cantons of Vaud or Geneva, regardless of the proposed year of entry.

Tuition Fees

Our tuition fees vary depending on Grade levels.

You can find out which grade is appropriate for your child here.

Age on 31st August GWAS GRADE Annual Tuition Fees (CHF) Annual Mandatory Curriculum Fees (CHF)
3 Pre-K 100%


3 Pre-K part-time 80% 21,310 180
3 Pre-K part-time 50% 13,315 115
4 KG1 26,640 380
5 KG2 26,640 380
6 1 28,535 1,090
7 2 28,535 1,090
8 3 28,535 1,745
9 4 28,535 1,745
10 5 28,535 1,745
11 6 32,345 1,865
12 7 32,345 1,865
13 8 32,345 1,865
14 9


15 10


16 11


17 12



What do our Tuition Fees Include?

  • All teaching resources required within the curriculum
  • All teacher-led extra-curricular activities. There are over 60 activities to choose from which vary per Term
  • VAT

We are a ‘Bring your own Device’ (BYOD) environment. From grade 1 to grade 5 we provide iPads in each class for student use. A personal Mac laptop is required from grade 6 upwards. You can find our list of required applications in the student handbook, given to families after enrolment. We recommend that students have access to a family device at home.

What do our Annual Mandatory Curriculum Fees Include?

  • Field Trips throughout the year
  • Ski programme for grades 1-10
  • Residential camps for grades 3-10
  • Core fees for Grades 11-12 (IB DP Exams, IB Induction, Trips and University Guidance)

Optional Extras

After School Care

CHF 15 per hour if booked in advance

CHF 18 per hour if booked on the day

School catered lunches

Highly recommended

PreK to Grade 1: CHF 2,600 per child per academic year

Grades 2-5: CHF 2,700 per child per academic year

Grades 6-12: CHF 2,800 per child per academic year

We are a nut-free school and can cater to students with other allergies and food intolerances. Please let us know if you have any specific food requirements


These can be purchased in the school restaurant

School Bus Service

Shuttle: Free shuttle bus to and from Allaman Train Station

Zone A: CHF 1,600 0-5km from school

Zone B : CHF 2,800 5-10km from school

Zone C: CHF 4,000 10-20km from school

Zone D: CHF 5,000 20km+ from school

For more details, please click here

External Extra-Curricular Activities

CHF 25 per session

Music Academy Extra Lessons

CHF 60 for 30 minute instrumental lessons

World Language Learning Centre

CHF 20 per child per hour in a group

CHF 75 per child per hour individual

Specific Learning Difference Support

Fees will vary depending on the nature of individual support required

Payment Terms

School fees are payable at least one month before the beginning of the relevant term. School fees, including but not limited to tuition, admission, annual mandatory and optional fees may increase at any time in accordance with our Terms and Conditions.*

Fees are payable in three instalments:

  • Term 1: 40% of Total Fees
  • Term 2: 30% of Total Fees
  • Term 3: 30% of Total Fees

The financial commitment is for the full academic year.

If you are departing from the school during the academic year, please use the withdrawal form and submit it before or on the given deadline.

* Terms and Conditions are available through Admissions.


Early Payment Discount

We provide a 3% discount on annual tuition fees only, if both tuition fees and mandatory fees are fully paid for the year, within 30 days from the invoice date and before the start of the 2019-20 school year.

Sibling Discount

We appreciate the financial commitment of parents enrolling multiple children, which is why we offer sibling discounts.

We apply discounts in order of descending age as follows:

  • 2nd child: a 5% reduction on the annual tuition fees
  • 3rd, and each subsequent child: a 10% reduction on the annual tuition fees

* Early Payment and Sibling Discounts cannot be combined with a Corporate discount (for more information concerning the Corporate discount, contact us.)


You can pay for tuition and other fees directly via:

  • Online Payment
  • Bank Transfer
  • Credit Card

Student ID
Invoice reference


Payment must be made in Swiss Francs (CHF).

If you have any questions about our fees or our payment options, don’t hesitate to contact us and we’ll be happy to help.

Did You Know?

Our Sports Facilities include: Two indoor swimming pools, a multi-sports hall with viewing area, fitness and dance studios, a climbing wall, an international standard athletics track, a large all weather grass playing area with full size football pitch and a multiple use games area (MUGA). These facilities are open to parents, students and staff. Now also open to the Community on Sunday mornings.

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Coming out of the Swiss public system, I was trying to pick out a school to go to. In hindsight, what made GEMS stand out above all the schools were the teachers. I had never before seen teachers who actually engage with students at such a high degree. I think that ALL teachers in this school are excellent educators.

Pay the fees with a credit card

Student ID
Invoice reference

World Language Learning Centre

Whether you are a Swiss resident or you are moving here from overseas, you’ll know that speaking another language means much more than just getting along in a different country or with different nationalities.